super happy fun post #100

Thinking about what to post for #100 gave me an idea.

A recap, a list, lyrics, shopping, why not all of them…

So – it’s 100 of my favourite things or a list of lists!!!

In no particular order


Complete set of the seven books of the "H...

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1. Terry PratchettDiscworld series
2. Douglas Adams – Hitchhikers series
3. JK RowlingHarry Potter series
4. Raymond E Feist – Riftwar series
5. Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman – Dragonlance series


American singer Lisa Loeb at a Borders store p...

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6. Stay – Lisa Loeb
7. Better Be Home Soon – Crowded House
8. Wish You Well – Bernard Fanning
9. Never Tear Us ApartINXS
10.  Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

11. Walking
12. Reading
13. Watching good movies
14. Listening to good music
15. Games/puzzles/craft

Places to shop
16. DFO Essendon/South Wharf
17. Costco (with the girls)
18. IKEA (with Mel)
19. Unley/Hyde Park (with Mel)
20. Rundle Mall (with Kate or Kate)

21. Bags
22. Shoes/Socks
23. Jackets
24. Hats
25. Underwear

26. Matt
27. Family
28. EDSers – the Guild and Kirkages
29. Adelaide girls
30. Eildon girls

31. Puppies – Kira puppy (and temporarily – Lucy, Muttley, Mikey)
32. Kittens – William and Colin (prev. Leo, Simon, Spooky, Strider, Edgar, Max, Ginger)
33. Bunnies (prev. Albert, Misty, Charlie, Roger)
34. Fish (prev. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George)
35. Duck (one day – Penelope)

36. Chocolate – Haighs, Cadbury, Galaxy, Lindt, Max Brenner
37. Japanese – Gyoza, Beef Tataki, Sashimi (Tuna/Salmon)
38. Indian – Naan, Rogan Josh, Lamb Korma, Raita, Masala Tea
39. Indonesian/Thai/Malaysian – Roti, pretty much anything without Coriander in it
40. Fresh, natural, simple cooking

41. Christmas Eve
42. Easter (chocolate!)
43. Long weekends generally
44. Road trips
45. Flights (under 4 hours)

46. UK Rom coms – Love Actually/ Four Weddings/ Imagine Me and You/
47. Adventure Series – Indiana Jones series, Star Wars series, Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings series
48. Super hero/Comic adaptation – Iron Man, Batman, HellBoy, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
49. Disaster films – Deep Impact, Armageddon, Day After Tomorrow, The Core, 2012
50. Action – Matrix series, James Bond


TV Shows (current)

The Mark 2 fibreglass (Tom Yardley-Jones) Tard...

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51. Doctor Who
52. Glee
53. How I Met Your Mother
54. The Big Bang Theory
55. Top Gear UK


TV Shows (non-current)
56.  Red Dwarf UK
57. Spicks and Specks
58. Coupling UK
59. Blackadder
60. Will and Grace/Friends/Sex and the City

61. Eildon – home, Matt, animals, friends
62. Radelaide – home, family, friends
63. Melbourne – shopping, cafes, shopping, architecture
64. Alaska/Vancouver – friends, experiences, differences
65. The internet – everyone, everywhere and everything – sort of

Computer Games (old school)


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66. Tetris/Dr Mario
67. Donkey Kong Country
68. Sim City
69. The Sims 1
70.  Solitaire

Computer Games (current)

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4

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71. Lego Harry Potter Yrs1-4
72. Lego Indiana Jones
73. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
74. Lego Star Wars – Complete Saga
75. Lego Star Wars – Clone Wars

Outdoor Activities
76. Sea Kayaking
77. Running
78. Hiking
79. Lake Kayaking
80. Cycling

81. Facebook
82. I Can Has Cheezburger
83. Questionable Content
84. XKCD
85. Aust Bureau of Meteorology/Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Cars I have owned/Want to own

British Racing Green

Image by kfisto via Flickr

86. White LH Torana
87. Green Toyota Corolla
88.  White Hatchback – Daihatsu Charade/Mitsubishi Mirage
89. Want – British Racing Green convertible – MG/Mazda MX5
90. Mini

Things that make me happy

Parcel with Par avion stamp.

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91. Receiving parcels in the mail
92. The smell of freshly baked bread/cakes/muffins
93. Good hugs
94. Pretty things
95. Order/organisation

All time favourite things
96. Post-exercise endorphins
97. Post-shower clean feeling
98. Hugs from nieces/nephews/friends’ kids
99. Morning cuddles
100. Writing lists


2 thoughts on “super happy fun post #100

  1. You know how I knew to follow you, it was not only Doctor who or your love of Tetris but that all your current favorite computer games were all Lego games. Waiting for my daughter to open her Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 on Christmas, is TORTURE for me!

    • Those games are so good (I don’t even have any children as an excuse to buy them!)
      Haven’t bought the new Harry Potter yet, waiting to see if someone buys it for me for Christmas.
      I’ll be online on the 25th ordering it otherwise!

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