random photo person biography #1

As I was gazing at my PC desktop this afternoon I noticed the random photo person (RPP) in my chosen photograph.  The photo was taken from the deck of the McKinley lodge in Alaska on my recent cruisetour.












Looking at the random photo person (RPP) started me thinking.  Part of the enjoyment of travelling is all the experiences we have, new people we met, and new friends we make.

But what about all the people we don’t meet?

There must have been thousands of people on that cruise and I spoke to maybe 50?

How many people are on the same journey as us that we just pass by and never even notice?

So – today I decided to make up a story for RPP #1.

– This story is fictitious – I do not know this person and have no idea if any of this information is anywhere near the mark, or not.

Name: Albert Gryzbowski
Age: 63
Place of Birth: Gryzbow, Poland
Current Residence: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Production Supervisor
Family: Wife, Pamela, 61. Son, Albert Jr, 35. Daughter, Ruth, 32.
Defining Moment: The day Albert Jr confessed that he was gay and in love with a man he met at college.  Albert, an old-fashioned straight-laced man became a fierce advocate for gay rights.
Reason for travelling: 40th Wedding Anniversary
Greatest wish: Grandchildren.

Well, I enjoyed it.  Anyone else want to give Albert (RPP#1) an identity?



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