you want me to run how far?

Liège style waffle

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Only 2 days until my next half marathon.

Wish I could say I had been training hard and feel confident about the race.

I can tell you I have been eating a lot of chocolate, and waffles, and feel confident about using Pinterest and playing Tetris party.

My training hasn’t really been that bad, but my training buddy has been out for the last couple of weeks and isn’t able to run on Sunday.  That is going to make the whole thing much less enjoyable.  Leaving me alone with my thoughts with no distractions is never a good thing.  Won’t even be able to update my status, draft a blog or pin anything.
(Well, I will probably have my phone with me, but typing on the run is not advisable).

 Last night my training consisted of:
* walking home from work (with the dog)
* walking to Mrs N’s place (with the dog)
* eating fresh waffles (so good) with maple syrup, ice cream and haighs chocolate
* drinking Mimosas
* playing Tetris party
* walking home (with the dog)
* finishing EldestChristopher Paolini and going to sleep after midnight

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Just received the final pre-race email with the course information etc.
One of the rules in the instructions is no iPods!!! Mine MP3 is not an iPod, but we won’t get into semantics about it.  Not Happy Jan…running by myself and no motivational music.

Guess I’ll just have to sing.


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