a weekend of two parts – part 2

After a reasonably early night Saturday night I was up with the alarm again around 6am.

Quick shower, woke up the man and we headed to Marysville for the Marysville (half) Marathon. Kira puppy came along too.

The weather was slightly better than Saturday but still a little rain.

We arrived nice and early, found a good park thanks to the SES (State Emergency Service) volunteers and headed over to the registration tent.
I have to say the registration process was so much better than the last time I attended in 2009.

So we stood around under the marquee for about 40 minutes waiting for the event to start.
Mrs N arrived with Mrs S in preparation for the 10km race.  Kira puppy was not too happy about the all the people around who were not lavishing her with attention (which is her natural state  of being).

Eventually it was time to head out and I followed the masses to the starting point.
Not sure about the timing for this event, but I suspect everyone would be tagged with the same start time.  The other races I have done provided a timing chip which registered your time when you actually crossed the start line – much better.

So let’s take a few minutes off my finish time, shall we?

After about half a dozen bottle necks the group spread out through the beautiful bush setting and we settled in for the slog.

You may remember my mention in part 1 that it rained all day Saturday?
Many of the paths we were running were dirt tracks. I say were, because after all the rain they became mud tracks.

The first 11kms of the race were over these mud tracks.
Slipping, sliding, shoes covered in mud, trying to avoid other runner and huge puddles.
It was actually quite a lot of fun, but speed was never going to be high.
The flats were not too bad, but a couple of very muddy uphill sections were pretty challenging.

After the first 11kms we headed back to the start to finish off with the rest of the 10km runners.  The clock said 1 hr 8 minutes.  Pretty good time all things considered.

Not as much mud for the last 10kms but quite a lot of hills.
About half way up the hill my Achilles tendon and calf muscle decided they did not want to be friends anymore.

A little limping, quite a lot of swearing and a beautiful view of Steavenson Falls later and I was headed back downhill.

A lot of doubling back, side stepping other runners, 10km runners, 4km walkers, dogs, prams and it was back to the oval.

Unfortunately I wasn’t quite up to sprinting to the finish, but I did finish, the clock said 2 hours 18 minutes as I crossed ( I think).

Definitely not as fast as the Sandy Point half, and I was feeling very tired and sore at the end, but the challenging course was definitely worth the effort.  And the mud was fun.



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