knitting, pinning and counting down

Just under 2 weeks to go of this year’s working life.
Not that I am counting or anything.

10 full work days.  Hmm, maybe I am counting.

Some of you may be waiting with bated breath to hear what I have created with the weekend’s t-shirt yarn.  So far I have created about half a dozen balls of yarn.

They are very nice balls of yarn.

However, my creative side wasn’t completely stifled. I did manage to knit a jester hat for my friends’ new son.  Very cute.

Other than that I have been reorganising pin boards and pinning the following:

* Dr Who
* Harry Potter
* Star Wars
* More Dr Who
* Harry Potter is better than Twilight because:
* Geek humour
* Recipes that look amazing that I am likely to never make
* Bookcases, Window Seats and home interiors
* More Dr Who

Having a very hard time stopping myself from pinning all day.  Need some boundaries.




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