Tastes of home

A good friend sent me through a recipe link this morning.

Easy Breezy Fruchoc Fudge

Pretty sure I have written about some of these things before, but it started me thinking about tastes from home.

Fruchocs are an obvious one.  A South Australian icon, extremely difficult to find outside of SA.  (Of course now that we have online shopping it’s no longer quite so difficult.)

Fruchocs are a bit of an acquired taste. A mix of dried apricots and peaches, made into a ball and coated in milk chocolate. Or, as the marketing department describe them:
Menz FruChocs and Menz Crown Mints. Menz FruChocs are succulent Apricot and Peach centres coated in delicious milk chocolate.

Either way, growing up in South Australia meant eating Fruchocs at the movies.

Flag of South Australia featuring the Piping S...

Image via Wikipedia

I am a self-confessed chocoholic, and I like a range of chocolates.  When I lived in SA I did not have fruchocs all the time, probably no more than once or twice a year.
The first time I moved interstate how much you can miss something you no longer have access to.  As soon I was was in Melbourne I craved Fruchocs, Balfours pasties and Woodies lemonade.

South Australians will know what I am talking about.  (Farmers Union Iced Coffee didn’t make my list as I am not a coffee drinker, but I mention it here for all the other SA ex-pats.)

I am so thankful that Haighs has made it over the border – one small (and amazing taste of home).

Other tastes of home I can’t buy online:
* Mum’s overcooked roasts
* Thea Vegetarian’s Sweet and Sour thing (I just called to make sure they will be open when I am back in Adelaide – might be able to squeeze in one lunch!)
* Saldechin’s roast pork bun
* T-Bar’s Soy Chai (Syrup)
* Balfour’s Frog Cake
* Sushi Train Express on Grenfell St
* Sushi Train at the Central Markets
* Ky Chow’s Crispy Beef
* Ding Hao Yum Cha

I think I need a cold shower now.


8 thoughts on “Tastes of home

  1. If ever I am lucky enough to meet you face-to-face, I have no doubt we would gorge ourselves on food and conversation. Maybe we would sneak in a run, as well . . . for balance, you know. 😉

    • Sounds like a great plan to me! Of course I am almost a foot shorter than you so you’ll have to take short strides for me to keep up!
      (But the food and conversation won’t be a problem)

      • Hopefully one day we’ll find out.

        You would have had a great time at the party – our company is full of internationals.
        The room was full of Americans, Canadians, Kenyans, English, Irish, New Zealanders and Australians.
        Another American would have fit in well. Have to see the fascinator!

  2. I miss Jerusalem shishkabob house on Hindley street. Best felafel rolls I’ve ever had (across 3 states anyway – S.A., N.S.W. and Vic.)

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