Christmas party #2…and counting


Last night Christmas Party #2 happened.

Mrs L and I frocked up (again) although all I really wanted to do was put on a pair of jeans and some comfortable shoes.

So, new dress #1 was applied (the little black one from Jacquie E.  The sexy gold one from events was actually new dress #2).   Neckline was a little low, but a hint of sexy bra is always acceptable.

The main event of the outfit was definitely my shoes.  I purchased them about a year ago online and have never had the occasion to wear them.  (Similar to the picture here, but without the strap…








Gorgeous shoes, but definitely not comfortable.

Anyway…the boy, Mrs L and I drove out to Stonelea in Acheron.  A very nice ‘Country Estate’ with a pond, golf course, vineyards, accommodation and a lovely restaurant.

A great bunch of people – including my favourites Mrs L and Mrs N (and my boy) and a nice setting.  I was starving!!!

So – for entrée the boy and I shared a plate of salt and pepper calamari with salad.
I usually avoid salt and pepper calamari (every dodgy pub and nouveau eatery has a version) but we gave it a go.  Slightly overcooked but still quite tasty. Not too salty or peppery.

The main course was the highlight.  Wagyu beef with vegetables and red wine jus.
Wow – the only word is orgasmic. Best beef ever.  I ordered medium rare and it came out on the very rare side, but it was magnificent.  Dissolved in my mouth almost as soon as it fell off the fork.  Just amazing.
(Sticky date pudding for dessert was nice too).

We headed home around 10pm and had a quick look at the Christmas lights of Eildon.

A good time was had by all.



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