Christmas Party #4 – seriously?

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OK, so #4 was not so much of a Christmas party as a Sunday Brunch with a few girlfriends, but I am running with a pattern here…

Saturday the boy and I and Kira the dog decided to have a nice walk around the Pondage followed by a late breakfast at the local Cafe.

Bacon and (scrambled) eggs on toast.

The eggs were ok, not too overcooked.  The bacon could have been cooked longer, again, it was ok.  The toast was sliced white bread from a supermarket loaf.

THIS IS NOT COOL PEOPLE.  Seriously.  If I am going to buy breakfast from a cafe I do not want Tip Top white bread.  This is not a difficult concept.  Moving on.

The plate was decorated with dried parsley (hmmph) and cracked black pepper.
I do not like pepper. I do not ask for pepper. I do not accept pepper when it is offered by fawning waiters holding enormous phalluses.  Do not cover my plate in it.

So, to summarise, the bacon and eggs were passable.

Now, back to party #4.

Miss C picked me up and we headed into Alex for the Dairy Cafe. Great place.  Beautifully renovated old house converted to a cafe. Lovely shade sail covered outdoor area.

We met Mrs N there and I ordered a Soy Chai Latte, bacon and (scrambled) eggs on toast.
Yes, it was the same food order as yesterday. I thought it would be an interesting comparison.

There was no comparison. The chai was great.
The bacon was cooked perfectly (I actually prefer mine a little overdone, but I did not request it so I have no complaints). The scramble was also perfect. Still moist, creamy, a touch of parsley.  All good.

Now, does everyone remember my comments on bread?  Good.
The Dairy provided 3 slices of sourdough freshly sliced.  A little heavy on the butter, but all in all an excellent breakfast.

The company was good too.




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