Mondays – not always the worst day of the week

Mondays get a bad rap.

(or should that be bum rap?  – I had to look up the reference – if you are interested:


We have the obligatory songs about Mondays:
Rainy Days and Mondays – The Carpenters
I Don’t Like Mondays – The Boomtown Rats
Manic Mondays – The Bangles
Blue Monday – New Order

Pretty much all bemoaning the existence of Mondays, blaming them for depression or murder sprees.

While some Mondays can be like that, they are not always bad.

Today, for example, has been a good Monday.

The office is very quiet. 
Tomorrow is my last day before holidays.
There was a tin of Haighs chocolate on my desk this morning.
I went for a run at lunchtime (my first in about 3 weeks)
On my run I saw a turtle swimming in the pondage.

Cover of "Finding Nemo"

Cover of Finding Nemo

– I have to explain why the turtle sighting is so cool.
In September last year (2010) I went on a Sea Kayaking trip around the Whitsunday Islands.
The trip was amazing, we paddled for a week camping at various island campsites and saw lots of fish (and march flies).
My only disappointment was not seeing a sea turtle (think Crush in Finding Nemo
It isn’t that the turtles weren’t around. They were there. Everyone else on the trip saw one.
The other person in my two person kayak saw one.

Somehow I seem to have a blindspot for enormous sea creatures.

So, at lunchtime when I ran over the bridge, glanced down at the water and spotted a little river turtle swimming along I was very excited.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me.

In summary, a Monday, especially when they include Haighs, exercise and turtle sightings, followed by a very short week, can be a good day.


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