Happy Birthday and SHOPPING

Mrs L’s birthday today, so the theme of the day was SHOPPING.

We headed to Mrs L’s parents place last night so as to be closer to the Melbourne palaces of SHOPPING.

Had a lovely dinner, slight sleep in and quick run this morning to prepare for the day ahead.

Knifepoint Highpoint Shopping centre was today’s venue and we headed out on our journey with a song in our hearts and a car full of snacks.

We decided to start at one end of the mall and see where the wind took us.

There were several homewares stores, a pet store and a lot of window shopping before the draw of Target became too strong.

A set of pyjamas, some cookie trays and one used gift voucher later we had picked up Miss K and headed straight to Max Brenner.

Lots of chocolate was had:
* Mrs L: Passionfruit chocolate waffle sundae – 2 thumbs up
* Miss K: Chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, banana bread and marshmallows – 2 thumbs up
* Me: Chocolate banana pizza – topping was excellent but the base just seemed redundant (I ended up scraping the topping (melted chocolate, bananas, marshmallows and pecan praline pieces) off the top).

We rolled out of Max Brenner and headed off for more shopping.

La Senza (oh yes), more Target, Jay Jays, Equip and we had run out of time.

Mrs L had to be back to Eildon for a 5 o’clock party in her honour. (She was late).
– I am still not there 3 hours later – eventually the boy will be ready and we will head over.





2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday and SHOPPING

  1. Girl, you know how to celebrate! My birthday is in just a few more days. I want to come celebrate it with you at Max Brenner! Those pictures . . . . I just looked at the NYC location’s menu. To. Die. For.

    • Happy Birthday! I hope you get some special treatment for the birthday and not just the double celebration, very disappointing.
      Max Brenner is definitely worth the trip!

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