the last great road trip of 2011

Any of you who were (un)lucky enough to receive my facebook updates from Thursday, this will be completely familiar to you.

For everyone else – here are the highlights.


Almost on the road. Just waiting for the boy to shower, dress, finish whatever else boys do and pack the car. As I know you all love my road trip updates I may choose to continue the tradition. Or not. We’ll see.



Ok, ok maybe we’ll just go for the highlights from now on….

Just passing through Yea! Best town name ever, or so far today. Always happy when arriving in Yea! Except when Matt is singing Queen songs I don’t know. Apparently he is in love with his car. A Night At The Opera with Grain Waves.

Made it to Seymour and the first fast food sighting of the day. Keep driving. Grain Waves are gone, A Night At The Opera continues. Bohemian Rhapsody time.

Sgt Peppers didn’t quite get us to Bendigo so we have gone back to some random Queen songs and back to The Beatles again – Help!
With chicos and snakes.

Enjoying Lunch in Beautiful Bendigo — with Matt Randell at Grill’d.

On the road again with full stomachs and Adele’s 21.

The drive from Bendigo to St Arnaud is NOT interesting. Good thing we had Madness to keep us sane. Now, where is that turn off?

Dimboola – thanks Jimmy

Nhill duck and jazz festival – Feb 2012

This one is for you Stanno….Kaniva.

South Australia…it just got 5 degrees warmer and 20% drier.

Ducks in Bordertown










– I took over the driving from Bordertown to Adelaide, so the updates may be a little different – thanks Matt.


Keith and mobile smokeys with hair dryers

Road trip — at Tailem Bend

Getting fuel in Hahndorf. This one is for Zak.

And….Tollgate…we are officially in Radelaide.
This roadtrip was brought to you by: Lisa’s mum’s cookies; grain waves; the SA Tourism board; Harry Hyundai; HTC; Caltex; Hahndorf; Facebook and The Beatles. Thank you and goodnight.

From the tollgate we headed to the North Eastern suburbs – stopped for dinner at Cafe Primo in Firle? and then headed to Matt’s parents place to crash.




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