23rd December

We arrived in Radelaide late on the 22nd and spent the night in the boy’s parents caravan.

The morning of the 23rd dawned with lots of shopping to be done.

After I made a quick visit to my parents we headed into town to brave the mall.

Of course, first we had to visit Thea’s Vegetarian Tea House for some awesome food. (Last trading day for the year)

You will notice that we started eating before I took the photo – just couldn’t wait.

My choice (as always) was the Sweet and Sour Thing.
A soy fillet wrapped in nori with sweet and sour sauce.

The boy went for the Crispy fillet (similar fillet without the nori and sweet and sour sauce.)

We shared a bowl of Veg samosas (so yum) and I had a cold Chocolate Black Tea.

The boy went for a pot of Oolong.

Very full and satisified by the end of the meal.

Unfortunately they are now closed for the duration of our trip.

Christmas trading hours – hhmmph!

Following lunch we shopped it up in the mall, lots of oohs and aahs over the amount of stores and a couple of changes in the city.

e.g. great big hole in the ground where a building used to be.

We finished the shopping for the day and headed to another favourite – Sushi Train on Grenfell.
No longer a Sushi Train express there seemed to be a wider range of dishes. I even varied from the traditional spicy tuna and salmon avocado rolls.

After two long days we crashed early.

(But full of awesome food).


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