Christmas Day 2011

We made it!!!
Christmas Day 2011.

Up early in preparation for the big day ahead.

The boy and I exchange most of our presents (leaving a few for the afternoon).

I received:
Harry Potter blu-ray box set
Michael Buble Christmas CD
– 3 flying ducks for the wall (an updated version)
– A book about the origin of Beatles songs – A Hard Day’s Write by Steve Turner

Next stop is Ridgehaven to pick up the presents we left at my parents.
From there it is onto Golden Grove to see my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece.

I give my niece her two Harry Potter books and a necklace I brought back from Alaska.
In return she gives me an enormous box full of Fruchocs, chocolate, candles and a rubber duck.
– My brother had asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him.  My niece was very confused about the rubber duck.
Should have quoted Arthur Weasley.

From there we headed to the boy’s family Christmas for gift exchanges.
I received:

– Tardis cookie jar









Sonic screwdriver set










– Lots of dragonfly related items
– a box of goodies from Lush
– a box of roses chocolates


After the quick gift exchange we headed to my cousin’s place in Inglewood for an extended family lunch.
It was fantastic to see family I hadn’t see in too long.

More presents (self tanning set, a bracelet and Darrell Lea Rocklea road), lots of food (must mention my Aunt’s ice cream pudding) and a quick exit back to the boy’s family.

Spent the afternoon with the nieces, nephew, brothers and sisters in law.

We headed back to the apartment via the boys parent’s place so we could see Kira. She was very excited to see us.

The boy’s present highlights:
– Big nerf gun (Recon CS-6)
Nanoblock synthesizer kit








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