Christmas Eve

It has been a busy few days (as I am sure it has been for most people) so I will try to catch up.


Christmas Eve.


Woke up in the swanky new apartment ready to face the hordes of people shopping in town on a Saturday Christmas Eve.

Was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t insanely busy. Almost like a normal Saturday apart from the decorations.

After some morning shopping we headed down to the Adelaide Central Market for lunch around 2pm.


I went straight to the Vegan stall in the Food Court (thanks Kate) for:
– Vegetarian Fish (very similar to the Sweet and Sour Thing from Thea)
– Spicy Eggplant
– Rice Noodles
– Soy drink




The boy went for a noodle soup with chicken and squid.


After lunch, some more shopping and a quick spruce up we headed over the Kate’s place in Largs for the first of the Christmas festivities.

This was the first time I had seen Kate’s house – an amazing renovation job. Very impressive.

Drinks were had, jokes were made at everyone’s expense and presents were exchanged.

My haul was:
– Star Wars themed t-shirt “These aren’t the droids you are looking for”
– lovely silver bracelet and earrings
– gorgeous brown enamel necklace
– bright purple and teal running shorts

Very grateful for some lovely and thoughtful presents.

After too little time we headed to Tea Tree Gully to meet up with friends of the boy.

First stopped into the parents to pick up presents for the next day.

We headed to the Gully Hotel and were amazed by the line up of young people waiting to go inside (we of course snuck in the back door).
We grabbed dinner – kangaroo skewer for me and a Maltese chicken salad for the boy.

After waiting around hoping for the friends to show up we headed out to the car park hoping to bump into them.

The boy miraculously spotted them through the crowd and the sensible decision was made to move across to the Fox and Firkin.
Amazing old school English pub. Cannot believe that was my first visit.

Eventually headed back to the apartment to be up early for Christmas day…




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