Boxing Day – Dec 26th

December 26th (Boxing Day) is traditionally a catch up with one of the boy’s old friends.

His birthday is Dec 26th so as well as recovering from Christmas we celebrate his birthday at a park near the beach.

This year the weather was lovely, sunny, not too hot but quite windy.
Great for the later afternoon kite flying, but a little annoying for picnicking.

We brought takeaway sushi from Sushi Train on Gouger (so good) and sat around catching up with people we hadn’t seen since Boxing day last year.

(The joys of living interstate).

Lots of kids (babies to toddlers) a 5 week old puppy and running around.

We had our first sitting of pedal free balance bikes  – great idea. Lets kids sort out the balance part of bike riding when they are too young for a bike with pedals.

After a pleasant afternoon we headed back to the apartment.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special was playing at 7.30 so I refused to leave the apartment for the evening. (The boy was catching up with some Uni friends)
– I enjoyed the special, great supporting characters, a little schmaltzy, but that is to be expected from a christmas special.

After the special my need for exercise kicked in and I hit the Turbo Jam – felt good.

After that I finished the first book in the Hunger Games series.  Given the speed I read the book I think the next two might be purchased quite soon.




3 thoughts on “Boxing Day – Dec 26th

    • You always manage to find the ambiguities in my posts!

      Boxing day is the birthday of a friend of my boy – I really should be clearer in my writing….

      But I am sure Mr D will appreciate the belated birthday wishes as much as my boy would.

      • You know, I reread that before issuing the sentiment because I wasn’t 100% sure that you were refering to your boy. So, I just threw it out there anyway. A Happy Birthday was definitely in order, so to Mr. D it is! 😉

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