December 27th

Early start for a big day.

We headed up to Lobethal to look at a house we have our eye on.

A really sweet, unique little place that we can see ourselves moving back to in a year or two.

Lobethal is a nice quiet hills town (except for December). It would be a nice middle ground between our current little country town and moving back to the suburbs where we grew up.

Commutable but not too overrun.

Once we had our fill of the many rooms we headed back into the city for Yum Cha with the boy’s brother and sister in law at Ding Hao.
Always a gastronomic joy.

We had (from memory):

– tea smoked duck (a hit)
– roast duck
– roast chicken
– salt and pepper squid
– battered eggplant (fantastic)
– battered tofu
– chinese greens
– steamed dumplings
– steamed chicken bun
– crispy beef (best dish ever – although the heat really sneaks up on you)

And finished with the always amazing mango pudding.

Unfortunately none of us were willing to wait for photos.

We pretty much rolled out of the restaurant and headed back to the apartment.

The boy had a nap on the couch while I headed into the Boxing Day sale crowds in the mall. (We start a day later in Adelaide).

In the end I had to escape the hordes of people and returned to the apartment with just a soy chai latte from Gloria Jeans.

I hung around for a while and decided to head back out into the fray.

This time I returned with a lovely handkerchief top and striped scarf from Tree of Life, 2 cute black and white dressy tops and a blue check shirt from Target. Much more successful.  Unfortunately I could not find the Hunger Games books at a reasonable price.

Back to the apartment, regrouped, picked a new top and headed out for a girls dinner with the lovely Miss J.
This year we were the only attendees of the original 5, but we had a great time.

We headed down Rundle St and eventually choose Taj Tandoor for dinner.
We shared Malai Kofta and spinach lamb with sides of rice and naan.

After dinner we headed across the road to Cocolat for dessert.

– Lamington for me, Jaffa cake for Miss J








Being from Adelaide it is difficult to say this, but, as lovely as they looked and as nice as they tasted, they weren’t in the same league as Max Brenner.  Hmm.

After a wonderful, long and very filling day I headed back to the apartment for some rest.


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