29th December

The 29th of December was a bit of an unfinished day.

Unfortunately the boy came down with a bad earache so his day was no fun.

On the other hand, I ran out pretty early in the morning so most of my day wasn’t affected!

I headed out into the mall and then met up with Miss K, her partner Mr D and their 5 week old boy, E.

So little, so cute, so happy!

Gloria Jean's Coffees

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We started at Gloria Jeans, grabbed a coffee/chai/cake and caught up.

E began to get a little restless sitting still for too long so we headed out into the mall.
We walked from end to end and back again. I bought another lovely handkerchief top from Tree of Life.

From the mall we headed back into DJs, grabbed a Boost Juice and proceeded to the banks of the River Torrens to catch up some more.
A lovely afternoon was had by all.  Eventually we had to break it up and I headed back to the apartment in preparation of the next event.

River Torrens

I grabbed a quick shower, threw on the new top and, once the boy was ready, we headed out to my cousin’s place in Tea Tree Gully.

A fantastic barbeque, great time catching up with various relatives and a beautiful Christmas gift.
Unfortunately the boy’s ear was acting up so we decided to head to the nearest Doctor. (No Tardis involved!)

We couldn’t get an appointment in Modbury or Norwood so proceeded back to the apartment.
This also meant we missed our second scheduled catch up with oldest friend Miss N.

We will catch up before I leave!!!


2 thoughts on “29th December

  1. So lovely to see you Miss Smith! E will enjoy his new hat when it cools down a bit. Looking forward to your return to SA in a more permanent form! Xx

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