Proclamation Day – 28th December

Proclamation Day is a holiday that celebrates the proclamation of South Australia as a British Province.

The public holiday is generally observed on the 26th December to coincide with the other states’ observance of Boxing Day (which SA does not observe).

But this is not a history lesson so if you want more information – look it up!

My Proclamation day was as follows:

I had planned to spend the day with the divine Mrs M so the boy drove me across town in the morning.
We were a little early so we stopped into Tea Tree Plaza to pick up a few things and kill a little time.

My mission was to find a copy of book 2 and 3 of the Hunger Games trilogy (Catching Fire and Mockingjay).
– I dislike paying full retail price for anything, let alone books which I spend enough money on anyway.
Unfortunately I had finished the first book and really wanted to continue on with the series while I am on holidays.
No time to wait for internet orders to be delivered.  If I did it would have been straight to Check it out.

Eventually I caved in and paid full retail for both books and moved on with my life.

After shopping I headed off to Mrs M’s place.

A wonderful day – spent some quality time with Mr almost 4 year old and Mr 18 month old.
Received a Tony Hadley CD as a Christmas present.  Oh Yes.

Caught up briefly with Mrs M’s Mr C and received some hand made Fruchoc slice. Divine.

The boy picked me up just before 5 and we headed off to meet his friend Mr P (and Mr P’s relatives).

We had some time to kill so headed to Glynde.  First stop was the Robern Menz (Fruchoc) factory, but we missed the opening hours by a couple of minutes.  I consoled myself with the thought that I would be back in a couple of day and a cup full of gelati from Gelato Bello next door.

Gelato Bello – go there.
I went with Choc Mint (always a favourite) and Cherry Ripe.

From Gelato Bello we headed to the Walkers Arms for dinner.

Mr P and his family were very entertaining and the meals were great.
I remember driving past the hotel for years watching as the renovations dragged on and on.
They were completed well. Even so far as the water mist as you sit in the beer garden.

After dinner we headed back to the apartment for a relatively early night.


2 thoughts on “Proclamation Day – 28th December

  1. “Eventually I caved in and paid full retail for both books and moved on with my life.” I love it! I guess I need to get on the Hunger Games bandwagon. I just received Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (are you familiar with the Mortal Instruments series and Infernal Devices series?), so I will read it next. Hopefully that will give me time to locate the first Hunger Games book at a used bookstore. In the end, I very well may do the same as you – cave in and move on. 🙂

    • Not the best writing I have ever read, but definitely a good story. I am half way through the second book already.
      Haven’t come across those series, will have to check them out. Just bought the first book in Conn Iggulden’s Genghis Khan series – read his Julius Caesar series a while back – really interesting stories.

      I think I was always going to read the books, I was just annoyed about paying full retail. Generally I buy on line and save at least 30%.

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