New Years Eve 2011

New Years Eve 2011.

Started with a nice sleep in – always a good thing.

We headed off to Norwood Oval for a baseball double header.
We were a little late to the first game arrived at the bottom of the second innings.

Perth were up by several runs and we decided it was time for the traditional hot dog.
Mine with cheese, sauce and mustard, the boy also had onions and bacon.

We lost the first game, had a nice rest between games and the second started after a while.



Big excitement in the second game when a Perth player took offence to a pitch and the team cleared the bench.

Of course the Adelaide team followed suit and it was all very exciting for a minute or two.






Once Adelaide had lost the second game we headed to Cafe Palazzo for dinner.
– we shared a plate of cheese and herb bread
– the boy had a Chicken Caesar Salad
– I had fettucine with chili crab

Have to say, this was another standard Italian cafe that doesn’t seem to really be trying.
The food was good enough, the same as the 100 other Italian cafes in Adelaide.  Nothing exciting.

Back to the apartment and then met up with Miss R from Eildon who was in Adelaide for Christmas too.

The three of us headed to Elder Park on the banks of the Torrens for the annual NYE concert and fireworks.
We were heading down King William St just at the early children’s display started.





We found a nice spot in Elder Park and sat down to a few hours of good old fashioned people watching.

We took the opportunity to give Miss R some Adelaide information.
Then we realised that we didn’t actually know the origin of the names of many of the places around town.
We knew the names of the Parks and Squares, but now who all of them were named for:
Hindmarsh Square – John Hindmarsh, the first governor of South Australia
Hurtle SquareJames Hurtle Fisher, South Australia’s first Resident Commissioner 
Whitmore SquareWilliam Wolryche Whitmore, a British Member of Parliament who introduced the South Australia Foundation Act to the British House of Commons
Light SquareColonel William Light, the town planner who created Adelaide.
– Victoria Square – Princess Victoria, heir presumptive to the British throne in 1837 when the square was named

Rymill Park – Sir Arthur Rymill, Lord Mayor of Adelaide from 1950 to 1954 and council member for 23 years
Elder Park – the Elder family who were early settlers and developed the company Elder Smith (previously known as Goldsborough Mort)
Bonython Park – prominent South Australian politician and journalist, Sir John Langdon Bonython

The Concert was entertaining – we saw:
– DJ Trev
– a band with Japanese drums
– a hip hop band
– a brazilian band
– a group of brazilian dancers
– more DJ Trev

Then it was time for the major fireworks of the evening.

For some strange reason the entire crowd decided they needed to stand for the fireworks (and the sea of phones taking photos was interesting).
The show was great – a little classical music, a little Star Wars, a lot of sparkles.

Once the show was over we followed the surging crowd back into the city. We took Miss R on a quick tour of Hindley St (a must for the unitiated) then back to the apartment  for a couple of drinks and some nice conversation.


All in all a good New Years Eve.

Welcome to 2012.




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