Happy New Year

2012 – so far so busy.

Let’s recap:

New Year’s Day

I like to start the year as I intend to continue, so (after an obligatory public holiday sleep in) I did a quick workout.
Used the new tubing I bought myself for Christmas for a 3T Turbo-jam
After the workout we headed down to Middleton with my boy’s brother, sister-in-law and niece.
On the way we stopped at the Mt Compass Bakery – the pasties were nice but the chocolate doughnut was fantastic!

A very warm day but the beach was nice, not too busy, and the water was lovely.

After a swim we headed back into town – dinner was at the Great River Korean BBQ restaurant on Gouger St.
A twist on the standard buffet, you choose your ingredients and cook the items on a BBQ grill at your table.
It was nice, but I think I prefer someone else cook for me when I go out.

After dinner we headed back to the apartment for a relaxing afternoon, a little TV and some reading.

I finished the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy around 2am.

2nd January

On the 2nd of January we had plans to catch up with some friends of mine from an old job in Adelaide.
‘The Bakers Guild’ worked together briefly but lunched together regularly.
Mr B, Mr G, Mrs D and myself would create baked goods and share them at a lunch time meeting.

However, brunch wasn’t until 10am so I went for a quick jaunt down the mall for a little extra shopping.
Unfortunately it was a public holiday and nothing was open until 11am.

We headed out to Felixstow for brunch – it was fantastic to catch up with the guild and all the kids are growing up!
0 Thank you Mr B for my amazing new torch.

After brunch we headed back to the Doctors for my boy’s ear – poor sore head he had.

Once he had been treated and we picked up his medicine, we headed to finally catch up with my oldest friend, the amazing Miss N.
We went to pre-school together back in the late 70s. Really! How far we have come.

All the gossip caught up on and almost everyone visited we headed back to my boy’s parents place for dinner.
After dinner we called into my parents to say hello and goodbye.

Back to the apartment and packing!


January 3rd

Planned on getting away early for the long drive home, but ended up leaving the apartment just after 10am.
Quick stop at the in-laws to pick up puppy and then off.

Highlights from Facebook updates:

– At the Tollgate. Bye bye Adelaide. Great to see everyone, sad to be leaving and wish I had more time to see everyone I missed. Mwah!

– Slight detour into Murray Bridge. No memory of going through there before. Interesting town. Pretty to the Bridge, then a little scary…

– Not very often that we are in Tailem Bend when the town is open. Tailem Bend bakery and the railway park are very nice. Back to MMM and The Beatles.

– Bendigo. Amazing buildings. Ready to be home now. Heading to — at Grill’d


From Bendigo we headed home (about 2 hours).






January 4th

Sleeping in our own bed!
Finally up and off for the first run of 2012 (with dog in tow).

Picked up a parcel of Glee (CDs) from the Post Office and back to a relaxing afternoon of Nintendo DS, washing, putting away Christmas Decorations and unpacking!

and now – back to our regularly scheduled programming….


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