readers block

Reader’s Block


Can’t see the library for the books?

I currently find myself in a rather desirable but still frustrating dilemma.


There are so many books on my ‘to read’ pile that I find myself incapable of choosing one to start with.


A shelf full of Terry Pratchett's work, mostly...


While in Radelaide on holiday I read the final book in the Inheritance cycle and the entire Hunger Games trilogy – good story, okay writing.150 px

So now I find myself in need of a new book to read…

I picked up the first 4 books in the Conn Iggulden ‘Conqueror’ series (read the Emporer series a while back – excellent).
They were to be next on the list.

However, last night I stumbled across a couple of movies…

First – the first episode of the ‘Hogfather‘ mini series.  Terry Pratchett is always a go to for books, but no new ones at the moment.

There is a new Artemis Fowl book coming out soon, I could re-read that series…

Artemis Fowl (series)

The next movie was the original version of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘. Great movie, read the first book in the series a while back now.
Could definitely read book 2, think I stopped last time as the book was a little too real.  I generally like my books with a lot more fantasy.


So, back to where we started…

Maybe I’ll just stick with the DS for a couple more days…




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