How much chocolate?

This afternoon I took a few moments to check out the current prices of Peanut Butter M&Ms.

Call it a hobby, call it general interest, call it obsession….

They are an expensive option out here in the colonies so I feel the need to find them at their cheapest.

Glad to say I have a 500g bag at home that my wonderful boy bought me for Christmas.

This brings me to my next thought.  Exactly how much chocolate did I receive for Christmas?
Most of the chocolate is still at home, squirreled away in various hiding spots to last as long as possible.

So, knowing all this, how do I justify buying more Peanut Butter M&Ms?

Here are the lists

Christmas Presents:

  • 1 x 200g block Cadbury
  • 2 x Giant Fruchocs
  • lots x Fruchocs
  • lots x Ferrero Rochers
  • 1 x 5 fruits
  • 1 x Peanut Butter M&Ms
  • 1 x Cadbury treats tube (not pictured)
  • 1 x box full of Fruchoc slice – the last piece is pictured – it was eaten about 1 second later (thank you Mrs M)

Adelaide Purchases:

  • 6 x Haighs Teddy Bears (tin)  – finished these last week
  • lots x Fruchocs
  • 1 x Menz Honeycomb
  • 2 x Mini Fruchocs
  • 2 x Clangers

Plus I already had 2 x boxes of Lindt Peanut Butter Balls

By the way – I just ordered 2 x 50oz (1kg) packets…


3 thoughts on “How much chocolate?

  1. I am laughing out loud! This is great! I got loads of chocolate for Christmas, too, but not quite as much as you. I also got loads of wine. Mmmmmm . . . chocolate and wine . . . . What a grand party we could have!

    I have to know . . . what is in that giant bag labeled Robern Menz? Chocolate covered apricot? Whatever it is, it looks wonderful!

  2. Oh, I look forward to that party.

    The giant Robern Menz bags have a few different things in (they were bought directly from the factory outlet).

    1 bag is filled with Fruchoc seconds (thanks to Petey) – chocolate coated peach/apricot mix
    2 bags are filled with mini Fruchocs
    1 bag is filled with mini chocolate covered honeycomb

    according to the Robern Menz marketing department: “Menz FruChocs are succulent Apricot and Peach centres coated in delicious milk chocolate”

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