What happens on tour…

 stays on tour, or at the pub, or in Vegas.
So no photos were taken of last night’s festivities.

Last night we had another wonderful, all girls, Chocolate and Wii tetris party.


You may notice that Waffles were not included this time.  Change of venue = change of theme food.

 Last night’s menu consisted of:

* Homemade chocolate chip cookie slice (thanks Mrs N)
* Homemade chocolate honeycomb fudge (my contribution)
* Cadbury Favourites
* Lindt Raspberry balls
* Nachos (a joint effort between Mrs L and myself)
* Bubbles (thanks to Mrs J)
* various other chocolate or savoury related snack items


After the standard greeting and snacking Mrs N and Mrs J hit the Mario game, and they hit it hard!

Mario desktop


Mrs L and I prepared the tasty nacho snacking plate while the Mario contest raged.

Español: Nachos y salsa.

Once the nachos were suitably devoured we brought out the big guns: tetris party.


Yes, we have played them both before, and we will undoubtedly play them again, but each time is entertaining and lots of fun.

As we all work for the same company (as do 3/4 of our partners) it can be difficult to keep work and tetris separate.  I will admit we did discuss work (or work adjacent topics), but we kept coming back to the important stuff.  Boys, kids, food, chocolate, shopping and tetris!

Oh – and the You Tube interlude was excellent.
Between the All State insurance ads, Miss South Carolina and babies laughing at all sorts of strange events we were thoroughly entertained.

Thanks once again to the amazing Mrs L for inviting us around to help her recuperate.


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