Morning tea

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One big perk at our company is Wednesday Morning Tea.

For most of the year we have a free morning tea every Wednesday morning at 11am.

Everyone at the office meets in ‘The Hub’, shares morning tea, some networking, and any work related announcements that need to be said.

When I first started in the company I was working in the Catering Department and we were responsible for deciding on, ordering, and preparing morning tea almost every week.

Sounds like fun, but when you have to come up with a new idea every week it can lose its appeal.

I think I prefer it now that I am just a spectator who shows up for the free food.

Some of my favourites:
* Huge slab of Sara Lee chocolate cake
* Shared nachos
* Bucket Lunch – hard to explain, sort of a cross between nachos and burritos
* fresh fruit and chocolate biscuits
* party pies – especially in Winter
* muffins!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

I can’t explain how much I love morning tea or afternoon tea, or high tea.

Lots of little small portioned yumminess.  Sweetness and variety – what could be better?

Think I need to make it to more high teas this year.

The Divine Mrs M and I had high tea at the Hyatt in Adelaide a few years back and it was very nice. Might be time to try some more.  Or maybe just more Max Brenner? Mmmm.


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