Chocolate, candles and champagne

Sounds like a romantic evening…was actually a fantastic evening with the girls.

Mrs J invited us all to a candle party (Partylite).

The candles and decor pieces were lovely, with a lot of different candle fragrances to choose from. In the end I couldn’t tell which were nice and which were “fascinating”.

so, after a long, tough week at work we headed around to Mrs J’s on Friday night to be greeted by a table full of beautiful candles and a table full and food and drink.


The champagne and snacks were fantastic, but they did pale into insignificance next to the amazing, wonderful, delicious, fantastic chocolate fountain and goodness.


After eating way too much chocolate coated goodness (quite a lot with a spoon) the resulting endorphins helped me to spend about $100 on candles and candle related paraphenalia.  Quite possibly this was Mrs J’s plan all along…

One more thing.

Some of you may be aware of the amazing McDonalds combination of french fries and chocolate sundae.  (Dip your fries in your sundae – love the sweet and salty mix).

So, there was a bowl of chicken twisties:

And a chocolate fountain:

It was only a matter of time before the two were combined:

The result? Awesome.


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