Buttons buttons buttons

I love buttons.

Ok, so basically I love crafty stuff, collecting things and anything I can organise.
I have boxes of beads, bushels of scrapbooking paper and buckets of buttons.

Whenever our shopping excursions venture into Spotlight or Lincraft (semi-local craft stores) I have difficulty refraining from adding a big bag of buttons to my cart.

On a recent visit I purchased 2 large bags, one in ‘Red’, one in ‘Vintage’, I already had a black and white set at home.

You might enquire as to what I intend to do with this enormous batch of buttons?

So far I have made a bucket for them and put them in it.  Outrageous!!

Pinterest has quite a few pinned projects including buttons, that may have something to do with the sudden? interest.  We’ll see if I come up with anything.

I am rather tempted just to pick my favourites out, stick magnets on them and put them on the fridge.

Now I am on Etsy looking at bulk button lots…oh dear.


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