Lebanese Doughnuts

Wow.  I am an enormous sweet tooth, but these babies tested me.

I had to head into Melbourne today for work and my boy and I stopped at the Oasis Bakery for a late lunch on the way home.

My boy had a Sharwarma with rice and salad while I had a spinach and fetta pastry (and a lot of his plate).

After lunch we headed into the grocery section and stocked up on a large amount of stuff we did not need.
Including, but not limited to, a plate of tasty middle eastern sweets.

At the register the lovely assistant gave us a free bucket of Lebanese doughnuts.
They basically looked like shiny doughnut holes.

As soon as we got back to the car we were into them.

The first bite was a surprise. Like a little ball of light sweet soft batter soaked in honey syrup.
Not too sweet to start with, but after the 4th one the sweetness catches up with you.

Bliss.  But don’t eat them in the car on a really windy road.


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