The Morning After

After the amazing night with the Doctors and most of the state’s geeks we headed back to the hotel.

The room was lovely (see below), the views were excellent (see below) and we slept well.

We were up early the next morning to grab our free breakfast and check out in time to meet Mrs L and Mrs J for shopping.

If you stay at the Swanston and want to stay for breakfast I definitely recommend eating at the Cocoon Bar rather than the Louden Kitchen and Grill.

The Cocoon looked fantastic but our free breakfast was only available in the Louden.  The view of the construction site next door was actually quite interesting, but the noise from the cafeteria was not welcome on a Sunday morning.

We finished the acceptable buffet breakfast offering and headed out.

Quick stop at Haighs (of course) and off to meet the girls.

Caught the City Circle tram (halfway) to Costco.  Yes, I got off at the wrong stop and had to walk an extra 20 minutes in extremely strong wind – with no hair band mind you!!

Costco was excellent as always, although Phillipa’s Cranberry Granola was out of stock – NOT HAPPY!

We then headed to South Wharf DFO for more shopping.  3 pairs of shoes for me. 1 pair pink tartan (plaid) converse from the children’s section – only $25. 1 new pair of Nike runners. 1 pair brown Joanne Mercer sandals with sparkly bits.

We met the boy as the shops closed at 6pm and headed home. The girls, my boy and I stopped at Taco Bill in Lilydale for a surprisingly good (in Australian Standards) Mexican meal and Sangria.


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