Somewhere new to eat

The title of this post might not seem so exciting to those of you with a plethora of great places to eat nearby.

For we poor souls in the country with about 4 choices, all at least 20 minutes drive away, it is very exciting.

Last night my lovely boy took me out for dinner for Valentine’s Day.

We decided to try the new local place to eat (5 minutes drive!!).

It is a Bar/Cafe on the edge of the lake looking over a flotilla of Houseboats.

The view was lovely, especially with the current 99% water level of the lake.  Couldn’t help wondering how it would have looked a couple of years ago with the water level around 30%.

So – Aqua bar/cafe was situated very nicely.  We had a table on the deck, the evening was warm and all was right with the world.

The menu has about a dozen bar staples, ranging from Beef Burger to Reef and Beef. Calamari and Flathead for the fish lovers and Spinach and Ricotta pasta for the vegos.  Greek kebabs and Vindaloo for the world traveller.

My boy went for the Reef and Beef while I tried the Flathead tails with chips.

Serving sizes were good, sauces were tasty, everything was cooked well and the salads were fresh.
The chips were a little overdone for my taste, but definitely tasty and the chicken salt was a nice surprise.

All in all a good meal, well priced and no major issues. Great to have another local option available.
Miles ahead of the next closest competitor in price, value, taste and location.

There are other local spots I might pick first but this will definitely be added to the rotation. The proximity to home, value and view makes it likely to be a regular option.


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