The Scottish Play

My boy and I are heading to Sydney over Easter.

What better to do when in Sydney that to see a performance at the Sydney Opera House.

This week I booked our tickets to Macbeth (aka the Scottish Play).  Very excited.

For more information on the Scottish Play superstition:

Started thinking about my favourite ‘inspired by’ Macbeth items.

BBC modern remake of Macbeth with James McAvoy and Keeley Hawes.
Joe and Ella Macbeth work in an exclusive London restaurant but her ambition brings about tragedy.
A clever and dark retelling of the classic tale.

– Really loved the BBC Shakespeare Retold series, Much Ado About Nothing was probably my favourite. Loved Damien Lewis and Billie Piper.

Terry Pratchett‘s Wyrd Sisters
The introduction of Granny Ogg and Magrat of Lancre (Granny Weatherwax was introduced in a earlier book).
Let us not forget the classic song “The Hedgehog can never be buggered at all” and the unforgettable Greebo.
It is possible that this is the book that convinced me of Pratchett’s genius.  The fact that much of it was influenced by Macbeth surely helped.


Definitely looking forward to seeing Macbeth live, and at the Opera House!




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