What, another girls’ day out?

Yes, we had another girls’ day out.

We early started with the standard long drive to Melbourne.
Singing, gossiping, laughing, snacking.  All good.

Arrived at the hairdresser right on time for our appointments.

Mrs J and I had a cut and colour.
Mrs L had a cut.
Mrs N decided to leave her gorgeous hair alone and headed off to The Glen to shop while we were pampered.

3 hours later we were back out and heading to the car for a pit stop.
What’s that on the windshield? HORROR. Parking ticket!!!!!
On a Saturday morning in a suburban shopping centre car park! What the hell?

We didn’t even realise that the park we used was 2 hours.  Poor signage!

We moved on with our day, moved the car and headed to the next set of shops, very conscious of the parking limit.  Straight to Max  for lunch.  We were starving.

After Max’s we did a little shopping for my niece’s birthday and a friend’s upcoming baby shower.
Had way too much fun in the baby section of Target.  Thankfully Mrs J was there to provide us with a Mother’s wisdom.

As it was closing in on our parking time limit we headed back out to the car.  Spotted the parking inspector across the row closing in on a couple of offenders.  Oh no!

At least we missed that one.

Straight to Eastland for the last shopping of the day.  4.50pm and only a couple of shops still open.
Finished the baby shower shopping, managed a few personal treats and decided it was dinner time.

Indian banquet at Taj Agra in Ringwood.  $29.50 per person all you can eat Indian.  Awesome.
Chicken Tikka
Butter Chicken
Lamb Rogan Josh
Vegetable Korma
Fish Masala
Plain and Garlic Naan
Mango Icecream

We rolled out of the restaurant and headed home.

Quite an early night, arrived home around 10pm.


3 thoughts on “What, another girls’ day out?

  1. Indian food & all that chocolaty goodness . . . I think I just gained weight just by reading this post! Oh how I’d love to join you and your friends on one of your girls’ day out adventures! 🙂

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