Slacker Slackerson

Blink (Doctor Who)

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Been a little slack with the blogging this week.

Too busy watching old episodes of Escape to the Country and missing Man V Food.

One of the best of the new Doctor Who incarnation episodes was on this week.

Don’t Blink.  Love Sally Sparrow.  Second only to Madame De Pompadour as a one episode guest star.

So – let’s recap the last week.

Saturday – shopping with the girls.

Sunday – 59 club registration day.  My boy and his club band played an excellent set out of the ground floor of an industrial building in Melbourne.

English: 59 Club logo.

The band was great for half a dozen rehearsals and a hastily decided set list.
Fantastic 60s classics and Rocker inspired numbers.

By the time we made it home I was exhausted. Big weekend.

The week has been full of work and work and exercise and more work.

This Saturday was relaxing – a little housework and no need to leave the house.

Today – Baby shower followed by a picnic.
Baby Shower summary:
* lots of yummy food
* put the nappy on the teddy bear blindfolded
* memory game (baby stuff)
* one handed peg game
* ladle the cotton wool balls blindfolded
* estimate the circumference of the mum’s bump

Lots of fun, lots of food, lots of presents

Now I am tired and ready for bed.


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