Oh Sugar Sugar

Melodramatic chocolate chip cookie.

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On Sunday I went to a baby shower. It was a fun time. Lots of games, good friends and amazing food.

I may have had 3 pieces of chocolate chip cookie slice, a couple of mini cupcakes, some chips and various other treats that were around the place.

In the afternoon the baby shower morphed into a BBQ and some of the partners met us at the park.

By this point the sugar high might have kicked in.  One of the other partygoers must have noticed my intake and commented that she would like to see me go without sugar for a week. (Honey is ok, cane sugar is not).

My first thought was “hang on, there is sugar in chocolate isn’t there, maybe this isn’t such a good idea”

Then I went home, via the supermarket,  scoffed some brownies and had a large chai.

Woke up Monday morning still thinking about the sugar free option.
Maybe I’ll try it without actually trying…yes, that might work.

So, yesterday, I had granola with soy milk for breakfast, tuna wrap with lettuce and mayo for lunch and no chocolate or sweets.

Of course, when I got home from work I discovered that the granola, soy milk, wrap and mayo all had sugar in.
This was going to be a lot tougher than I thought.  As my boy was working late I decided to go for a quick cupboard dinner.  Baked Beans (nope – sugar), vita weet (nope – sugar). Ryvita – yay – no added sugar.

So Ryvita with butter and vegemite for dinner.

And a cup of green tea with mint.

Breakfast this morning was wholemeal toast (no sugar added) with butter and vegemite again.
Lunch is tuna (no added sugar) with lettuce on a different type of wrap (no added sugar).

So far I have been sugar free for about 29 hours.
Slight headache, but that might just be normal afternoon headache from ponytail and work.

Seems like the most difficult part of this experiment is going to be finding something in my house to eat.

Not happy about the soy milk!

But is sugar really bad?  Let’s see what a random selection from Google has to say…
http://lifehacker.com/5809331/what-sugar-actually-does-to-your-brain-and-body http://www.organicnutrition.co.uk/articles/is-sugar-bad-for-you.htm

Sugar, Sugar

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6 thoughts on “Oh Sugar Sugar

  1. there is a whole 2 books on the evils of hidden sugar and how to wean youself from it…..of course, I cant remember his name or the name of the book….. but i think he is Australian……

  2. You should read Sweet Poison: Why sugar is making us fat by David Gillespie (I think the above comment is about it/him)! He made the same discoveries you made – that sugar is in everything!!! I read it a week or so ago – life changing! In a couple of sentences, he says in the book that the fructose half of the sugar we use is the problem and is causing the health problems in our country – cardiovascular, diabetes etc. He suggests cooking sweets with glucose/dextrose (the powdered form) instead, and cutting it out of other foods as much as possible. Apparently honey is seen by the body as half glucose and half fructose, just as any other form of cane sugar is, and Agave has an even higher fructose ratio.

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