The Great Granola Escapade

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This sugarless week has been interesting, and a little difficult.

Not so much difficulty in not eating the sugary treats, more difficulty in finding anything without sugar added to it.

My sugar hiatus will be stopped (at least briefly) tomorrow when I have dinner with the lovely Mrs S and her family.

At this stage I am planning on going back to sugarless living during the week, and relaxing a little on the weekends.  I will have to begin shopping smarter for food during the week.

Breakfasts currently seem to be the biggest issue.  I love my granola with soy milk.

Unfortunately it seems that pretty much every granola I currently have has sugar in it.
Every soy milk in my local supermarket has sugar added!

Tonight I bought some lactose free milk – as much as I prefer soy, I might have to try this until I can find a non sweetened soy option.  Rice milk is not to be considered…

The granola might be more fun.  It’s baking time.
So far I have found a few recipes to try:

The Granola Chronicles
Nigella Lawson
A Southern Fairytale
Ultimate Irresistible Granola

Obviously without any of the sugar added.


And a late entrant: Brenda’s Canadian Kitchen

granola, golden brown from the oven

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