Lake Mountain Music Festival

In February 2009 I was living in Adelaide and my boy was living in Country Victoria.
We spent a lot of time and money in that first year travelling back and forth between our homes.

In February I flew to Vic twice.  The first time was the weekend of Black Saturday. We ended up staying in Melbourne the whole weekend. I flew home and my boy tried to find a road open to drive home and see if the fire had reached his town. (7km at it’s closest).

The send February visit was later in the month.  My boy picked me up from the airport in his Kombi (one of the short periods when it was running) and we drove up to Mt Hotham for the Cool Summer Music Festival.

Hotham Cool Summer Stage- 2009

Hotham Cool Summer Self Portrait- 2009

Hotham Cool Summer Kombi- 2009

It was a nice, small, happy festival.  The names we remembered were Dallas Frasca – red dreads, Nicky Bomba, and The Black Sorrows.

We had a nice weekend – stayed one night in a ski lodge and I headed back to work in Adelaide on the Monday morning.  Those Monday morning flights were awful!

So, last week my boy mentioned there was another ski resort music festival on, this one much closer to home.

The Lake Mountain Music Festival. This one was only 1 hours drive instead of 5.  Fantastic.

Of course, after such an away from home weekend last week I was looking forward to some quality couch time. Oh well.

We headed up to the Mountain Sunday morning and joined the smallish crowd. Lots of families enjoying the music and the summer activities on the mountain. A jumping castle, mini golf, ATV  rides, mountain biking, and the most popular, the Flying Foxes.  Our spot on the grass was quite close to the Flying Foxes so we had extra entertainment.

Lake Mountain Stage- 2012

Lake Mountain Self Portrait- 2012

Lake Mountain Stalls - 2012

Lake Mountain Crowd- 2012

The market stalls were nice but few, the lunch options were acceptable – hot dog and chips, fish and chips, pizza and chips, nuggets and chips or a baked potato.

We saw a few familiar faces and enjoyed the music.

2 local high school bands played
‘400 Watts’ – from the Alex high senior class were excellent.
‘KAOS’ – from the Yea high school junior class did a fantastic job, especially for their age.

Dallas Frasca rocked her red dreads again but seemed a little too full on for a chilled out crowd.

Dave Larkin was excellent and just the right tone for the day.

Deb Conway and Willy Zygier were very good. Perhaps too laid back?
Really picture them in a dark little atmospheric hotel in Fitzroy.

Took lots of photos of the trees around the main buildings.  The Mountain Ash were damaged in the fires and seem almost ghostlike now. Some greenery has returned but the stark white trunks are just so dramatic against the blue sky.  And when the clouds rolled in – wow!

Lake Mountain - 2012

Lake Mountain - 2012

Lake Mountain - 2012

Lake Mountain - 2012

Lake Mountain - 2012

Lake Mountain - 2012

The weather was insane – 14 when we arrived, I am sure at one point the temperature reached about 40.
As soon as the sun cam out we were sweating, then a cloud blew over and the blankets were back on.
Ah Victoria!

A little sunburnt and very tired, back to work on a public holiday.  I need a sleep-in.


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