Sugar free Choc Mint Bites

My sugar free week days have stretched into a third week.

Initially I was coping with no sweets at all, but the, bored, I decided to search the wonderful interwebs for inspiration.

Firstly I found a UK sugar free recipe site:

Then I discovered Chocolate Covered Katie.
The majority of her recipes do not rely on alternative sweeteners, just the natural sweetness of the ingredients.

When I found the raw thin mint brownies I knew I had found what I was looking for…

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (I don’t like walnuts) and I don’t have a food processor so it was a bit of an experiment.

My effort:
1 cup cashews
250g (approx) pitted dates
1 tsp vanilla extract
5 tblsp cocoa powder
few drops peppermint extract
dash of water

Chop/mash/grind/pulverise nuts and dates.
Add extracts and cocoa powder.
As mine wasn’t really mashed enough I added a little water to make into a dough.

Once the dough was holding together I shaped it into small balls and let it dry a little.

These really are difficult to photograph

Could not believe how sweet they are – now I may have to give up raw vegan sugar free treats too!


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