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Yesterday was a big day.

In the afternoon the wonderful Mrs L and I headed down to Melbourne to compete in the Brooks River Run.

The track started in Coulson Gardens on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, with a 6km lap and a 4km lap around the gorgeous parklands.

The weather was perfect and the crowd was on the small side.  All the makings of a great run.

We started out at a good pace, enjoyed overtaking people on the one slightly hilly section and kept pace with the assistance of Mrs L’s fancy running watch.

Once again we were thankful for all the hill training we do around the local area.

As we were running (and chatting) I was thinking back to the first competitive run Mrs L and I ran.

We had trained together for a while and were convinced by to compete in Run Melbourne in July last year.
There were a few times on that run when I had to push through, but at the end we were both sure we could run further.  At that point we decided our next run would be a half marathon.

We ran the Sandy Point half marathon in August and were happy with our results.

In November I ran the challenging Marysville Half marathon without my running buddy and yesterday was the first race we had run together in months.

We completed the run in our best ever time for a 10km and headed straight for Max Brenner!
(Yes, the sugar free option is still going on, but weekends are a little more relaxed!)

As we picked up the pace for the final km I remembered back to school and sports days.
When I was in Primary school I was more of a sprinter. 100m was my distance.

In fact I struggled to run any further than that.  200m was a struggle, 400m was a killer and any further than that was just impossible.  How times have changed.


Next event is Run for the Kids in April.


Melbourne (Photo credit: F.d.W.)


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