Inane small talk with relative strangers

Growing up, my mother didn’t work. She also didn’t drive.

Consequently I have a lot of memories from those days of walking (to the shops, to the bus stop, to school).

One of the recurring memories is my Mother always saying hello to anyone she saw on the street.  Anyone.

And she was always pleasant about it.  I used to hate it.

What if they aren’t nice? What if they don’t want to talk to you?

Melbourne city view from Capital City Trail

Melbourne city view from Capital City Trail (Photo credit: Space Cadet Marko)

When I lived in Melbourne it was an unwritten law that you didn’t speak, didn’t say hello, didn’t even make eye contact when you passed another person on the street.

Since I have been living in the country things have changed.  I fear I am turned into my mother.

Almost every person I see on the street I have to say hello to.  People I see on a regular basis rate a conversation.

Usually inane and quite often about my dog (who is usually walking with me).

I like the fact that I live in a town that still talks to each other, but not sure I can make any more small talk about the weather, the state of the track I am walking on or my dog.

But I will do it all again tomorrow.

Oh, and trips to Melbourne are much more exciting when you forget not to look at people.  Their expressions

are priceless!




2 thoughts on “Inane small talk with relative strangers

  1. It might be a country thing – I usually talk to everyone I meet, say hello to most people I see when I’m out walking. I’m less likely to try for eye contact in the city though – just shear weight of numbers! My mum, bless, tends to offer her life story to random strangers in shops….alas, I find myself doing that too…… when you have a baby or a dog, you seem to have “talk to me” flashing in neon on you forehead. Plus, you look nice, Miss J, and people like to talk to nice people!

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