The WTR Pile

Ready Player One

Ready Player One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to the wonderful Petey for coining the ‘WTR’ term.

I have written before about my latest bout of ‘reader’s’ block’ and the book ‘Ready Player One’.

Today I finally picked up Ready Player One and actually finished it.

It was one of those books (or just me) that I started, put down for a couple of months and then picked up again and finished off in one go.

The background of the story reminded me a little of the Robert Rankin Armageddon trilogy.

It is based in a future world where the planet is almost ruined, poverty and hunger is rife and most of the world spends it’s time plugged into ‘OASIS’ a virtual online world something like a multiplayer adventure game.
Think World of Warcraft.

Once I made it through the set up the main part of the story was quite entertaining.

Lots of 80s pop culture and nerd references.

Investigating the dynamics of online relationships was quite interesting as well.
I can recommend it as a good read.

Now – back to the waiting to read pile.
I (still) have the Conn Iggulden ‘Conqueror’ series, the next two books in the Dragon Tattoo series, the Alchemyst series or I could read Harry Potter again….

Decisions decisions.


Update – found at the top of the pile – Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight. Read about 4 chapters last night. Not my usual genre but very enjoyable so far. Great writing style and enough references to LOTR and The Princess Bride to make me feel at home.  Thanks Blake!



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