Would you like sugar with that?

Sugar cane worker in the rich field, vicinity ...

Sugar cane worker in the rich field, vicinity of Guanica, Puerto Rico (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Still enjoying the ‘no added sugar’ (on weekdays) path but there was a moment today when I really could have murdered some chocolate.

Instead I came home, exercised, made zucchini potato and corn fritters, set off the smoke alarm – again – and finished it off with granola and yoghurt for dessert.

Getting a little annoyed with labelling though. Been sucked in to the ‘No added sugar’ to find they either have a sugar substitute or artificial sweetener.

Oh well, live and learn, and try to be good.

I have some sugar-free chocolate in the fridge I am get really desperate.
Oh, and organic chocolate sauce sweetened with Agave syrup – that sounds interesting…

Back to reading.

Currently on Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight – really enjoying it so far.

Deciding on what to read next…

Something in the WTR pile?

A revisit to HP or Twilight or even Artemis?

Maybe I should bite the bullet and buy some more dr who novels?

We will see.


One thought on “Would you like sugar with that?

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