The amazing tablet deliberation

In the tradition of the great e-reader controversy comes the amazing tablet deliberation.

But let’s go back further…back in 2005 or so I decided I needed an MP3 player.

It was the early days of the iPod and following a small bonus from work I decided it was time to join the crowds.
After a reasonable amount of research I decided on an iPod mini (long since gone).

iPod Mini with headphones

iPod Mini with headphones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although the original decision was fairly simple it became complicated quite quickly.

The mini was superseded by the nano.  A further decision was required.

Go for the nano, or go up to the 20 Gb iPod.
That is were all the trouble started.  I had a budget. But for just a little more you get so much more capacity for your money, and features.

(This is a frequent pattern when buying many things, flash drives, food, bargains…)

All was well until I discovered iTunes. Bad, bad software. Let’s just say I tired of apple quite quickly and I now have a Sony MP3 player.

My current debate is in relation to tablets.

Do I need one?  Would a netbook be a smarter option? I already have a laptop and a smart phone, isn’t this just overkill?

I managed to come up with some brilliant rationalisations to get past most of these objections.
(Might still end up buying a netbook at sometime in the future….)

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab (Photo credit: 3 Sverige)

So, having moved on from all the basic questions and having decided that a tablet is allowed, which one to choose?

Of course, the iPad must be considered.  iTunes notwithstanding it is the most popular and well-known tablet to date.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – just won its court case to be available for sale, a very tempting option.
Includes a flash player, kindle reader, one of the best inbuilt cameras…

Asus Transformer Prime – love the keyboard dock, but doesn’t that start edging into the netbook area?
Top of the line for most items, but does not include 3G capability…

PC world has come up with a top 10 list (have to love a good list), also checked out

Hmm, I am sure I will make a decision eventually.


Ooh, when is the Kindle Fire available in Australia?


12 thoughts on “The amazing tablet deliberation

  1. iPad can have kindle software put on it so you can always use it to read but I think all tablets are a bit heavy for that use over time. The Kindle Fire has had awesome reviews if it ever gets released here.
    There’s definitely more apps on the iPad and a LOT of free ones too. Also, you can often get iTunes card cheaper which makes purchasing items cheaper overall.
    I’m not an Apple fan and the iPad is the only Apple product I have but I’m heaps impressed. We have only a 16gb wifi but it gets used everyday by someone. We have around 80 plus apps on there and I think I’ve only spent about $50 all up. $20 of that on two very very cool interactive kids books.
    I can’t say I miss Flash that much. iPad has youtube anyway and if I’m browsing (which isn’t that often) and I come across something I can’t access I go use the laptop or my phone.
    Until I played with the iPad I didn’t realise how much fun it could be. We love it.
    I can’t comment on the other ones you are interested but re: inbuilt camera…can’t say I’ve used the camera much on the iPad…too clunky for me.

    • I think justifying a new Kindle when my old one is less than 12 months old could be difficult. Oh, and getting one shipped to Aust could also prove tricky.

  2. I’m pondering the same thing! I use a laptop and I have a Nook. LOVE my Nook, but am curious about the Kindle Fire. As the commenter above said, everyone I know who has one loves it. If it had an E Ink option, I’d rush out to get one today!

    Like you, I have a smart phone. I have an Andriod but am seriously considering switching to an iPhone. I understand that the battery life is significantly longer and the screen is more clear / low glare. As for the tablet, I think I’m too dependent on a true keyboard to move to a tablet. To your point, a netbook would probably be the best option for me. Looking forward to finding out what you decide!

    • The kindle fire looks great. Maybe I should use my current kindle a little more before replacing it, plus they don’t ship to Australia yet.
      Just can’t do the iPhone thing. Spent too much time complaining about apple and how bad iTunes is. Also why an iPad is not top of the list.
      Hopefully I will make a decision soon and tell you all about it.

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