Take two tablets and call me in the morning…

First, a confession.

My sugar free week days have been going quite well, with the occasional exception.
Last Friday my lovely friends Miss K, Mr D and little Mr E came over to stay.
– when friends have travelled 900+km to see you, all bets are off.

That one was definitely excusable.

Homemade Hot Cross Buns

Homemade Hot Cross Buns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday not so much. We had our regular Wednesday morning tea at work and this week was toasted hot cross buns.
It just would have been rude not to have one. So I had a half of one. Didn’t have any of the easter eggs though.
Pretty impressive for a chocaholic like me.

Oh, did I mention Mrs L, Mrs N and I ran in Run for the Kids in Melbourne on Sunday?
14.38kms in 1 hr 21 minutes and 55 seconds.

Then straight to Haighs to stock up on Easter goodies (also allowed).

Ok, confessions over, back to the Tablet dilemma.

Over the last couple of days I have been back and forth between many tablets.

Even had an amazing idea of how I c

ould make life easier and just buy two.
(iPad for my boy the Mac user and an android for me).
He thought that idea might be a little over the top but it is still on the backburner.

Choosing an android is still difficult.

The Asus Transformer Prime TF201 is definitely my favourite (possibly due to the docking station that makes it almost a netbook replacement). However no 3G capability so that is out.

The Samsung Galaxy 10.1 seems the obvious next contender, and is probably still up there.

Then I started reading about the Galaxy 7.7 which has a better display, but I think I really want a 10 inch.

The Sony is pretty and matches all my other electronics, but I don’t want to buy something purely for the name.

The Le Pan is still in the mix.

I have even (almost) considered the new iPad – for the image quality. But then I remember that I am not planning on watching that much TV on the tablet.

Oh. Don’t you hate white girl problems?

iPad tablet


2 thoughts on “Take two tablets and call me in the morning…

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  2. You guys ran without me? I don’t remember. Lol look at you now all ipaded up and TOTALLY watching a crapton of telly on it!

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