The tablet dilemma is solved!

Yes, yes I finally made a decision, although I surprised even myself.
Let’s call it holiday madness, let’s say that being in Sydney caused a rush of blood to the head and I wasn’t thinking clearly.
Or let’s just say that I walked into JB and the new iPad just outperformed all the other tablets hands down.

Yes, I have joined all those crazy hippies with a spanking new IPad. She is very pretty and I must say I am generally impressed.
Of course I haven’t tried to use iTunes yet.

Love the fact that I can group the icons, and it is more configurable than I expected.
Have used half my data allowance for the month in the first day, but that is to be expected, right?

Just need to work out how to turn the typing sound off. And give her a name.


9 thoughts on “The tablet dilemma is solved!

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