Easter in Sydney – day 1

Kirribilli House, in the Sydney suburb of Kirr...

Kirribilli House, in the Sydney suburb of Kirribilli. As viewed from a commuter ferry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somewhere in a past post I mentioned our upcoming trip to Sydney.

We are now back from the trip and it is time to share the adventure.  Lucky I took notes (on my new iPad).

Day 1 – Good Friday

Long (very quiet) day at work. Lots of research and very few queries.  Ended up leaving a little early.
Quick shower and change and it was time for the long drive to the airport.

We dropped the car off at Andrew’s airport parking and jumped in the waiting shuttle.

I called my sugar free officially off for the holidays and headed to HungryJacks.  Vegie Whopper. Nice.

Flight to Sydney was a little delayed due to weather but we eventually headed out.

Arrived in Sydney airport so excited. After 4 flying visits to Sydney airport, on my 5th I was finally going to leave the airport!

We grabbed a cab and headed for our accomodation in Kirribilli.

Discovered a new appreciation for Sydney drivers – do many lanes and tunnels and signals.

Driving over the bridge was amazing!

Then our cab driver got lost.  Left instead of right and we were in Milsons Point instead of Kirribilli.  The GPS saved us and we were at the lodge.
About 4 houses up the road from Kirribilli house. Amazing suburb.

Lavender Bay Wharf, Lavender Bay, NSW, Australia.


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