Easter in Sydney – day 2

Day 2 – Saturday

Slow start to Saturday.

Woke up in Glenferrie Lodge in Kirribilli.  Fantastic location, amazing location.
Lodge is pretty much as expected. Definitely not a 5 star luxury hotel, but also not the price of a 5 star luxury hotel.

Clean room, shared bathrooms, nice common room.

Headed down to a late buffet breakfast.  Good choice of foods – cereal, yoghurt, fruit, bread/toast, bacon, scrambled/fried/boiled eggs, tomatoes, sausages, baked beans, baked potatoes (very spicy).

Overall a nice place, had the normal issue with shared bathrooms being a little mouldy and overly moist, but that is to be expected.

After breakfast we headed out to see the area.  Had my first up close view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  I think I am a little in love.
Never really understood the attraction before seeing it up close. The ‘coat hanger’ section is stunning, intricate metalwork which makes me think of the Eiffel Tower (not that I have seen that).  The stone pylons are amazing too.  So imposing and impressive.

We wandered past the bridge to Luna Park, checked out the attractions and waited to see someone get sick on one of the rides.

After the excitement we headed to the local convenience store to buy a weekly ferry/train/bus ticket.  Highly recommended.
$43 for a week of unlimited travel on any Sydney Ferry, and limited buses and trains within the city.

Then we hopped on our first Ferry from Luna Park (Milson’s Point) to Circular Quay.
For anyone who remembers the Australian Crawl song ‘Reckless’ you should appreciate that the song was constantly in our heads whenever we were heading into Circular Quay. (Even more so on the Manly Ferry – but that comes later).


Once we docked at the Quay we headed out into Sydney (with a few false turns and a lot of Google Map assistance).
First stop was Tiffanys – just because we stumbled across it and it was there.  So many beautiful things.

From there we wandered until we stumbled onto Pitt St Mall.
My boy wanted to check out some jeans and clothes, not long after entering that store I was bored and headed into JB Hi-fi to check out tablets.
As much research as I had done, as strongly as I was opposed to Apple, the new iPad was just so much more impressive than the other tablets.

After a little further deliberation and a quick check in with the boy I bought an iPad, and a case, and an adaptor, and an extended warranty. (They saw me coming!)

Once we had both spent enough money we headed to Chinatown, with little help from Google Maps, we eventually found the Emporers Garden for yum cha. We love our Yum Cha. Better than some we have had, not as good as Ding Hao (but how could it be!) Must say the BBQ Pork Buns are among the best I have had, the Seafood Dumplings were fantastic and the Mango Pudding (while not the most attractively presented) was amazingly tasty.

From the restaurant we headed to Paddy’s markets where I purchased a new Backpack (probably #6) and a chinese inspired tunic and pant set.

When we finally extracated ourselves from the market I spotted a bus. Not just any bus, but a double (triple) decker purple bus.  With Harry Potter exhibition painted on the side. The closing date was April 9th, today’s date was April 7th…fate?
So we headed up towards the Powerhouse Museum, it was around 5pm so we completely expected it to be closed, I was just hoping for a gift shop…

We arrived and were told we could buy tickets for the 6.30pm session and wander around the rest of the museum until 6pm.
I must thank my long suffering boy so much for agreeing to wait with me and walk through the exhibition.  Thank you xxx.

For a HP fan the exhibition was interesting. Lots of props and clothing from the movies. For a non fan the people watching might have been ok.
And in an interesting coincidence I was wearing my Hogwarts t-shirt.  That wasn’t embarrassing at all!

Hogwarts tshirt, Knight Bus

Hogwarts shirt, HP ticket in front of the Hogwarts Express


After inflicting the exhibition on my boy (although he did enjoy the rest of the museum – space travel, motorbikes) we headed to Darling Harbour for dinner.

Cannot recommend Umi Sushi and Udon enough – fantastic sushi train selection and made to order hot japanese dishes.  So so yummy.

After rolling ourselves out of the restaurant we made our way around to the harbour area.  Hundreds of people sitting around staring at the water.
I thought it was an ok thing to do on a Saturday night but the boy decided something else was going on.  He was right.
Saturday night fireworks over the water.  Very nice.

After the fireworks we made our way to the wharf and caught the ferry across to Milsons Point then walked back to the lodge.





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