Easter in Sydney – day 3

Day 3 – Sunday

Buffet breakfast in the lodge, headed up to the Kirribilli markets.

Lots of very nice craft, fashion, food and some vintage clothes.

I bought a couple of skirts from Colours in You, a fair trade eco friendly  clothing company – lovely clothes.

After a little shopping we headed to the food court for an amazing around the world gastronomic feast.
Sri lankan pancake, Japanese rice paper rolls and pancake.  Fully fed we decided to go for a walk.

From Kirribilli where do you walk? well, across the bridge of course!


Over the bridge we checked out the Rocks area, some more markets, then rushed to the ferry to get changed in time for Macbeth.

Back to the Opera House just in time for the curtain (which didn’t actually exist).

The play was really well done. A slightly modern take on the story, but true to the dialogue and feel of the original.

After the play we headed back out into Sydney to be greeted by an amazing thunder and lightning show. Lightning flashing behind the opera house for ages.

We grabbed some dinner at one of the seafood restaurants along the Quay.  A shared seafood platter that looked amazing, but was, unfortunately disappointing. It all seemed too cold. The Mojito wasn’t too bad though.

We grabbed the ferry back to the lodge and crashed.


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