Easter in Sydney – day 5 (additional)

Now that most people I know have been told, I can reveal what happened on Tuesday night.

After alighting from the ferry in Luna Park we wandered along the harbour path under the bridge.

Standing under the bridge my boy proposed.

about to be engaged

That’s right – my boy is now my fiance.  And so it begins….

For all of my friends with a million questions – here are my newly engaged FAQs:







Can we see the ring?
You can see the temporary ring. We are in the process of choosing the permanent ring at the moment.
Unfortunately there is a Tiffanys in Australia and every thing else is having a hard time measuring up.

Temporary ring - watch this space


The ring is the first step towards the wedding – until that is done no more decisions will be made.  Possibly.


Are you having an engagement party?
At least two, one locally and one back home – dates to be confirmed, but in the next couple of months hopefully.

When are you getting married?
To be determined. Sometime between now and later.


What sort of wedding?
Very small – family and close friends. Details (you guessed it – to be determined).

What will you wear?
To be determined, although vintage and lace seem to be popular Pinterest search terms.

Will you be spending every waking hour until the wedding on Pinterest?
It seems very likely.


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