Easter in Sydney – day 5

Day 5 – Tuesday

Last full day in Sydney.  After such busy days we slept in and missed the buffet breakfast.

We jumped on the Kirribilli ferry and enjoyed the lap out of town before heading into Circular Quay.

We decided to finally head to Taronga Zoo, grabbed some sandwiches from Harry’s Cafe de Wheels circular quay location and jumped on the Taronga ferry.

We wandered around the zoo for a few hours. Loved the seals, gorillas, giraffes, snakes and elephants. Disappointed that we didn’t get to see the Kodiak bear, but I saw them in the wild in Alaska!

The abundance of Golden Orb Weaver spiders throughout the streets was amazing, and a little disturbing.

When we had our fill of animals we jumped on the ferry back into the city.

By now the weather had really turned and we were feeling the cold.  We found an open shop and purchased jumpers and scarves.

We headed back to Darling Harbour for Umi sushi on our last night.

Miso soup, 4 plates of sushi each , a plate of wagyu beef, tempura vegetables and a sesame bun and we were done.

We wandered back to the wharf (via Gelatissimo) and caught the ferry back to Milsons Point.

We stopped around Luna Park to take some photos and walked back slowly.

(we stopped again for a while – but that will be in another post…..)


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