Lost in planning

Wedding Planning also includes table design fo...

Wedding Planning also includes table design for receptions, which Ladyhawk LOVES to do! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I like to organise, and research, and create lists.



Now I have a major project to plan.  (Not the one at work).


Our wedding.




Yes, I said that the ring was the next step and then we would worry about everything else, but that was never going to last.


So far we have an appointment with the jeweller and tentative plans for 3 separate engagement celebrations.


They are all coming along nicely so I thought I should start on the wedding plans.




Just find a venue I thought, there is plenty of time to look, but you can’t book to early so may as well start.


I’ve spent the last 4 days online checking out various reception and ceremony venues.


So many to choose from.  Ceremony included, chair covers, sashes, centrepieces, drinks packages.


Do I go all out or remember that it would be nice to have some savings left at the end of the night?



My spreadsheet (and head) is exploding.




Any recommendations for nice, affordable, charming reception/wedding venues in Adelaide, please feel free to let me know.


Not going to even think about all the other plans that follow.  Or the dress…


That’s right, let’s just start with the ring.





5 thoughts on “Lost in planning

  1. Thanks for the blog follow! The wedding I was just at in Adelaide had their reception at hte Queens Theatre, in the city off Playhouse lane. It was truly stunning. Not sure about the costs involved but it was beautiful. Happy planning! X

  2. Oh miss Shelley its very exciting! My advise is to go all out and get what you want. We did it kinda on the cheap and small side and I do have regrets that wouldnt be had I only splashed a lil more cash. Would love to help or chat if you want.

    Miss Jensie.

    • Why thank you Miss Jensie.

      I think you and my 2 other married girls and I have to get together for a brainstorming, chocolate and Wii session soon!

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