Run the Rock

At the Hanging Rock Mt. Macedon

At the Hanging Rock Mt. Macedon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday night Mrs L, Mrs N and I headed to Macedon for a sleepover.

We stayed at Mrs L’s parents place and stayed up giggling and playing Draw Something across our various devices.

Saturday morning we were up early to run the 17.5km Run the Rock event.

About 1200 people congregated on the Hanging Rock racecourse to run 2 laps around the streets and 1 lap around the rock itself.

Expected a cold gray morning we were surprised to wake to bright sunlight and a lovely warm morning.

The course was a good mix of bitumen, trail, flats and rises.

Unfortunately about half way through the first lap I realised that I was in the beginning stages of a man flu bug that one of my colleagues had decided to share with the office.  Thanks Mr I!!!!

The run which should have been tough but enjoyable became a bit of a struggle.

We still managed to finish the first 10km at our race pace but the back 7.5 was a slog.

Thank you to Mrs L for waiting for me, you really should have gone ahead.

We finished in 1 hr, 41 minutes and 55 seconds.

Commiserations to Mrs N for falling at the 5km mark – hope your hands are better soon.

I will take this as a reminder to not underestimate an unknown course, especially in man flu season.

After the race Mother of Mrs L picked us up and we saw the sights – Mt Macedon and the war memorial.
Amazing views, gorgeous gardens – highly recommended.

Then it was shopping time!  A lot of craft odds and ends for wedding experimentation, some baking trays and my wedding shoes.
Maybe I am doing this in the wrong order, but I am sure I will find a dress to match them!


One thought on “Run the Rock

  1. there is no such thing as the wrong order. A good friend of mine bought her wedding dress before she met the man she married …….

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